The LFD Approach

We work with small to mid-sized businesses who are passionate about what they do. Their DIY ethic runs deep, and they are used to figuring most things out for themselves. Our collaborative approach works well for them—we bring our respective strengths to the table and together build a website or print piece that resonates with their intended audience.

For larger projects we have a network of experts to assist: illustrators, writers, social media mavens, and programming wizards, to name a few. Our collaborative exploration process reveals which areas of expertise will best support your goals, so you get the most benefit for your budget.

Thanks to over fifteen years experience in web design, we help our clients apply their resources to tools that inspire action and avoid rookie mistakes. Our specialized process not only leads to well-designed marketing solutions, but develops messages and themes that help clients represent themselves to their audience across all communication channels, from in-person conversations to social media posts.

With Lemon Fresh Design, you get effective designs that connect with your audience and inspire the action you want.